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Eviscerated: A Zombie Musical!

Tom Plane is an average guy who is disillusioned with his unremarkable life. When he is offered a job at Zombies Incorporated, he must decide if humanity is a reasonable cost for some mental stability and, of course, a paycheck; a quandary that causes him to explore what it really means to be human.   The story is an animated romp that explores mental health and self-acceptance with humor and song.

Snake Oil: The Musical!

A young women Gertrude Balk makes her living as a reality television psychic. Though she and her partner Joe rose to fame through the ancient art of The Con, they justify their dishonesty as a form of therapeutic healing. But a near-death experience will soon change their world, and their perspective completely.

The Greatest Voyage: The Musical!

A homosexual love-story/ coming of age story about a shipwrecked young American Airforce pilot in theSouth Pacific during WWII who is confronted with his own personal conflicts when he finds himself living among a new culture of islanders with very different beliefs and taboos from his own. 

Dog Park!

Three dogs off leash at the local dog park take the time to talk about some strange observations they have made about their owners.

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